Best Kaftan Dresses 2021 - Long and Short Kaftan Dresses

Year 2021 started with some major fashion style upgrades, which mostly have been defined by our very own Bollywood divas. Without any guesses, we all know that 2021 summers are going to be dedicated to kaftans. Long kaftan dress or short kaftan dress, everything has its own charm and uniqueness to it. IN this blog, we are going to go through a few of the best kaftan dresses to pick up from #theboozybutton. We all love the style and the colourful pattern of #theboozybutton, but what we really are dedicated to are styles which can resonate to the regular women and add on their fashion statement. It should not any ordinary kaftan or a dress which you can shop from anywhere. Money can buy expensive clothes but your style defines who you really are which can be both unique and reasonable. But stating that building up your own statement is an exquisite affair and it takes time to build it over time.

Fashion is something that should define your personality and kaftans has given the opportunity to the people to free themselves from body shaping and shaming. The flawless asymmetric pattern flatters everybody who dons it. Moreover, there are different types of kaftans like in a shirt style in Indian salwar style, long kaftan dress, kaftan tops etc. that there are multiple options to choose from for your wardrobe. We at #theboozybutton know how important body positivity is and our designs make sure that it fits into all the lovely curves out there and be the best version of themselves.

Long kaftan dresses are the most appealing ones. All the homies out there love the comfort kaftans provide them. With the hustle of the home and the added pressure of work from home, a kaftan with its flowy pattern makes it’s breezy and provides calmness. A dress sets the mood, and it is true that the more comfortable you are, you tend to be more productive and be in a happy state of mind. We root for comfortable clothing and sustainable fabric which not only is comfortable but brings joy to you with its’ colourful patterns and designs.

Talking about short kaftan dress. It is stylish, it is chic, and it is kind of appealing to the younger generation. Ideal for beachy vacations making sure a few of the heads to turn around. With short dresses, one needs to be sure of the pattern. The mid rift should be deep and prominent to give the sleek look. But make sure to try out a few of that pattern dresses to know what fits more to your body type. Short kaftan dresses can be paired with long boots and can easily be turned around as a date nightdress. It is super comfy and gives an edge to the fashion-conscious people around. If you want to go with the traditional twist, a few actresses like Neena Gupta have tried out pairing her kaftan with salwar and it surely was as impressive as others. Be free to try out something different and build up your own fashion statement.


 Let’s now see a few of the outfits which will suit you and can be labelled best for all the body types.

An exquisite full length printed kaftan with a side cut and a deep mid rift-cut is nothing but a way to gush up. The choice of dark patterns like a Banarasi print from the city of India takes pride in when it comes to cultural outfits, this long kaftan dress is sure to invoke the inner petite beauty in you. To style it more like an uptight modern girl, you can pair it with a boot and voila, you have your perfect go-out on the morning getaway date with friends. It is something which will give a feel of walking around the old fashioned traditional sidewalks in the cities of Paris. Printed kaftans are the way for the millennials. It gives a lot of open space to the people to style it up with accessories like heavy earrings and scarves. It not only complements the person’s whole body but is ideal for any season. For winters, you can style it up with a sweater and for summer just go around with the kaftan and some cute cane bag around. There’s something mesmerising about the women who can carry around the casual look with confidence and are cool about it.



A short kaftan dress is all about a perfect balance between modern stance and yet a traditional touch. This particular piece from The Boozy Button is ideal for any traditional occasion or a party with friends. It not only can be styled up with a salwar but can be styled up with a pump showing off the sleek cut out around the hem. Go for it and let us know your take on Long and Short dress kaftans and which ones are your favourites.