Dia Mirza is the queen of kaftans and breezy dresses

Dia Mirza has always been a style icon for millennials. Her love for sustainable clothing and comfort has what made her stand out from the crowd. She not only has carved a fashion statement of her own but it is the warmth and joy which her dresses portray are pure love. Kaftan nonetheless has become the Bollywood style this season, especially post lockdown last year. In every other news, we see Bollywood celebrities who are putting up maternity news donning this new trend of Kaftan dresses. Maternity kaftans have become the trend since last year and there are many brands who have since then not only focused on comfy kaftans but has introduced many designed kaftan styles with kaftan dress, kaftan top with trousers in various lengths.

When it comes to exquisite dresses with comfort, it’s The Boozy Button. Celebrities not only have endorsed but the love they share for the aesthetics has what made the designers bring up more exclusive designs on board. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s being comfortable in our own skin and to confidently sport the casual look. Bollywood celebrities sharing their #nomakeup looks in their kaftans and doing regular home chores have not only encouraged many to do their own chores and be energetic and positive about the lockdown situation. It is not easy to remain positive throughout the lockdown but having a breezy comfortable dress, calms the mind. The colour coordination of the dress is supposed to ease the mind and also bring positive vibes. The quality of the fabric is yet another important factor which adds on to the overall vibe of being at home. When we say dresses have the ability to change the mind, trust us it does. Be it maternity kaftans or a regular kaftan top, an easy dress that flatters your body type is definitely going to be an addition to your wardrobe. Kaftan dresses have been a popular choice for a long providing comfort to many with their easy and breezy patterns.

Nowadays, various form of long kaftans like maxi dress and short kaftans are in trend. Bollywood style experts have time and again proved that no matter what the dress is, if you accessorize it properly, you can make it a style statement.

With various versions of kaftan wear, resort wear, leisurewear and party wear, kaftans are making a pattern of their own. A printed version with traditional prints is very popular for leisurewear. Some with exotic prints with inspiration from ancient ethnic patterns are in trend now. Kareena Kapoor with her series of Kaftan dresses clicked during her pregnancy dress has set up the bar up for everyone. Leading from the front, she has portrayed convenience and sustainability is of prime importance for anyone.

We are overwhelmed by the response of our customers wherein they have shared their love for the fabric and the design pattern. It is great to have an ensemble of a beautiful colour palette. The virtual appeal of the clothes can be checked out from The Boozy Button’s Instagram handle.

Dia Mirza, since the days of her, announced as Miss Asia Pacific International 2000, has been an ambassador of sustainable products and have led many when it comes to being comfortable in their own skin. Her warmth, smile and fashion statement has been appreciated by many and have a fan base of itself wherein ladies from different backgrounds love to explore the versions showcased by Dia Mirza.

The love for fashion comes in India after following famous Bollywood icons. Ladies of the industry since last year have done a great job in not only motivating everyone in the tough times by engaging in various healthy activities while being at home but by being comfortable and okay in doing the regular home routine. It is okay to not be in a glamorous mode all the time. What’s important is to be happy in whatever state of mind you are. Fashion is one such thing that has the power to set up the mood and kaftans is one such ensemble that proved to bring joy to all by flattering every body type and every skin tone. The pastel shades of The Boozy Button are designed keeping in mind all the skin types and how to make an article of basic clothing at home a style statement. The coordinated dresses have a another set of fan base wherein, it can be donned at family get together and even when one has to step outside. Be sure that you accessorise it properly and one is good to go. The make-up should also be subtle to match the pastel shades of the dresses.

We love to see how everyone is sharing the Insta stories. Keep those coming it, we love to see the styling version of yours.