Super Cool Style Tips to Wear Your Cotton Kaftans

As our social calendars begin to fill up, more occasions call for an inspiring ensemble. For the summer, pairing a cotton kaftan with a stylish bag, jewelry, or headscarf will be a perfect way to dress up for lunch or dinner.

When it comes to stylish outfits for summers, a cotton kaftan is what strikes everyone's mind. The beautiful freely-flowing and loosely-fit cotton kaftans are always raging in the summer season. With kaftans, not just beachwear but you can rock any style with it. Be it your professional life or a social gathering or a beach vacay, every style is suitable for your cotton kaftan.

With cotton kaftans in your wardrobe, you can easily impress and turn heads wearing a kaftan regardless of the occasion. 

When it comes to summer fashion, we are ready to forgo any kind of fashion. But we aren't ready to ditch our beloved cotton kaftans. Let us look at some of the ways to style cool with cotton kaftans.

For your beach vacations

Cotton kaftans are best suited for your beach vacay. When the summer winds are gushing and hitting your bodies at the beaches, your favorite cotton kaftan comes to your rescue. Not just that, it adds style to looks. You can use it as a coverup on the beach and instantly take your beachwear to an upper level. Made from a light, breezy fabric, a cotton kaftan is a go-to option.

As for those ladies who are hesitant and self-conscious about their bodies in swimwear, a cotton kaftan is a perfect choice for you.

Pair it up with a stylish pair of sandals and your designer shades and you are beach ready. Cotton kaftans are size neutral. So your hesitance with your body shape is solved with a cotton kaftan. 

For your time with your family and friends 

Cotton kaftans look great on almost all women. You can ooze your cotton kaftan style by opting for a more fitted design and choosing a piece made of silk or another luxurious fabric. You can pair your cotton kaftan with sandals or heels or sandals with heels. This style will help make a chic statement and add to the luxury feel of your outfit.

Some Tips to ooze it:

  • Opt for a brightly-colored cotton kaftan with beautiful designs or patterns and match it with a matching headwrap and scarf (or even a straw hat!).
  • If you are conscious about your waistline, you can make your waist look tiny by cinching your kaftan with a leather belt.
  • A silk or cotton kaftan top looks wonderful over shorts. Top it up with beads and achieve the perfect casual summer look.

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