Understanding Resort Dress Codes

With the ongoing situation, many of us are stuck at the home, but with the hope of everything which is going to be better, many have already started planning their vacations. It is good for many who have already had their vacation at the beginning of the year, but for many, it is the long outstanding holiday time that has kept them hopeful.

While planning for the vacation, the key element to plan for any person is the dress code and styling they have to decide for the holiday. We could not agree more on the concept that no matter how much you have, there’s always less when it comes to dresses. Ladies, we do hear you and are always designing that perfect resort wear dress for you.

Many of us while going vacation, decide to stay at the resort. Resort nowadays are itself a destination and fashion people have a dress code for resort wear itself. Believe it or not, women’s resort wear has a category in itself. Travel style wear is nothing less than a bay dedicated to the malls. Designers have their collections aligned for the resort wear category for women’s vacation wear.

In this blog, we will be sharing a few of the ideas on what to wear while on a vacay. Kaftans, resort wear coordinated sets. No matter what dress you choose, choose it to be of vibrant colour. Colours play a key role in setting up the mood for the vacation. What to wear while going out for leisure activities, what to wear for dinner night and what to wear for the morning breakfast, everything has a dress theme or what we decide it to be. Kaftans are ideal for a poolside staycation or a beachside resort. A shirt style kaftan to hang out while laying outside the poolside. A dazzling kaftan dress for a poolside evening party or a long kaftan to just have a walk with your partner by the poolside. It is always ideal to have a perfect kaftan set in your dress code packed for the vacay.

Slay your vacation pictures with style and get gram-worthy picture moments. Be it with friends or family what you wear says a lot about you and when it comes to putting up your style statement, always choose comfort and conscious clothing over something dazzling. Kaftans make perfect resort wear for women and it is sustainable in every sense. Not only it flatters every body type but also comes in different lengths. Kaftans can turn out into a gala dinner dress from an easy breezy regular outfit. You just have to accessorize it with perfect danglers and heels.

Kaftans in India are not only popular but are famous for a very long. Being the most comfortable dress of all time among ladies at home, it has achieved the status of being a perfect travel style wear. Even other countries love this form of style and fashion. Many designers have added it to the beachwear collection. Boozy Button kaftans with their comfort fabric are popular among celebrities as well. The prints, the colour palette are the perfect combination for a perfect day throughout.

Coordinated sets of The Boozy Button, are ideal even if you are stepping out to a family gather or meet-up with friends. The stylish hem and the cutouts of the sets are perfect to make the heads turn. Get a detailed size guide of your dress set while purchasing so that you get a flattering look. Pick up the pattern of the print also, to describe the mood board of your style for the vacation. Coordinated sets also have different length to choose from.

Resort wear category of the Boozy Button has got all type of travel style wear which can find suitable for you. Wear it with a slip or over your bikini instead of a sarong, it’s all up to you. Check out the various categories apart from resort wear wherein you can pick up your choice of colour palette and fabric to suit your travel style wear. Do share with us your #boozybutton pictures on social media channels.