Why Kaftans have become best work from home uniform?

In the lockdown session, people have become habituated to comfortable clothes. Luxury these days has a new definition and that is being comfortable. Designers have considered this thought process and have been designing their collection keeping all these criteria of all-day-wear in their mind. This is one of the reasons that we mostly see leisure wear as the top category in the fashion search market and with most of the time spent by our guests as well. People no longer care for all the glitters but are most happy in a comfortable design and soothing fabric.

Kaftans is one such dress item that has become popular because of the comfort it provides. It is not only easy and breezy to carry around but uplifts the mood as well with the flattering symmetry it offers.

Work from home culture does not seem to go away and with everyone getting comfortable with it, leisurewear products are going to rise high in demand. Major international brands are also introducing a new line of sustainable clothing and are popularizing it with their free size clothing culture. The free-style clothing of kaftan as well is something which is globally acceptable and everyone seems to love it. The comfort it gives is what making people rejoice and invest in this trend.

The formal-informal look it gives is what has made it a work from home uniform for the ladies. Many brands are already writing the amazing comfort and about its flattering pattern and we will not bore you with repetitive information. What we would prefer to tell you through this blog is how you will style it as a chic work from home uniform without making it a mundane day-today-wear. It is though itself a complete package with a free silhouette and frills. The tassel at the waist in a few of the designs makes it more appealing and adds on the oomph factor for the people who are conscious of perfect shape to their dress. A kaftan can be paired with a palazzo, complementing its free-style look. Further to kaftan, it can also be paired with leggings and be more stylish by fitting it to the shape of the person. Many people are pairing kaftan with a skirt as well these days. If you want a gown type of look with multi-layering, it is a great option to go for it. Pair it with a scarf and heels to complete the overall look.

Women Kaftan Dresses at The Boozy Buttons are of different patterns. Some are of shirt style with a completely different look and it can be designed completely different from the regular kaftans which are available online. We would love to hear your favourite kaftan style from our house and do share it with us on social media.