Sharara Set

What's up, ladies? It is the festive season going on. Are you ready with your sharara sets? We hope you have kept your sharara sets ready to celebrate the Diwali season in some style. No? Why? It is mandatory to celebrate your festive season with traditions, right? Are you worried about where you would get those stylish sharara sets for women in such a short span? Do not worry. The Boozy Buttons are here at your service. We are here to serve you with the best of sharara sets for women. 

When it comes to India, there would hardly be a woman who does not know what a sharara set is or how it looks. But for more clarity, we would define a sharara set as a three-piece outfit with flared pants with a join on or just below the knee level. Sharara sets are of a floor-sweeping length that looks best with a kurta and a dupatta. 

You know what people at times confuse a sharara with a ghagra. Sharara and ghagra seem to be very similar but they both are different outfits. As we said it is at times people draw a similarity between a ghagra and a sharara, but the reality is they are poles apart. In short, a gharara is a long flared pant joined above the knees in contrast to a sharara joined at or below the knee level. 

Historical Facts

When we talk about a particular attire, the fashionistas become curious about how the attire came up and when did it originate. They want to know each and everything. So just to give you a brief history, we would say that the sharara set is a beautiful gift from the Mughal empire. India witnessed the first glances of a sharara set for women during the reigns of the Mughal dynasty. This was one of the most famous attire that the royal families used to wear. And from the royal families, it flew down to the local families. Since its introduction the world found a new attire to add to their wardrobes. 

Regional Effect on Shararas

Sharara sets for women have been affected by the regional effects also. Each region has given a local touch to the sharara sets for women. We can say it by comparing the examples of Pakistan and India. In Pakistan, women wear sharara sets that are usually of hip length and they team up with long kurtas that stretch up to knee length. On the other side, the Indian rendition of this attire is worn with choli. Further, women in India team up with a beautiful dupatta or chunari/ chunni.  

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