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Boozy Picks


Sunkissed Earring

Elite Earring

Summer Affair Earring

Summer Fling Earring

What's Boozy?

Blame it on that one night when our darzi drank a bottle (or two) of chardonnay. The tipsy in him mixed the designs and now what we have is The Boozy Button. Well, we are not complaining because we’re loving this crossover hangover.

Our Story


To ensure that the delicacy and softness of your garment is maintained:

  • The garments should be dry cleaned only.
  • Use steam iron to get rid of creases.
  • Handle with delicacy and avoid pulling it with pressure.

Garment Care

Ensure dry clean for the first two times and then you can wash at home. For more details on care , read the garment care instructions at length.

Express Shipping

We ship on priority and once garment is dispatched, in reaches you in 2-3 days.


We create our own fabrics in-house.

Women Force

Majority of our workforce is women dominated. Over the years we further plan to expand our women workforce.

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