Our Story

What's Boozy?

Blame it on that one night when our darzi drank a bottle (or two) of chardonnay. The tipsy in him mixed the designs and now what we have is The Boozy Button. Well, we are not complaining because we’re loving this crossover hangover.                                                                         
The next door girl who binges on couture with her kebabs. The girl who puts her foot down but not without her chan chan. The girl who loves to fly high with her zari dupatta. The girl who is never sorry for a saree. She drives her sedan but stops by the traffic to buy gajra. She whistles wearing her red bobby brown lipstick.              
The girl who's busy by the day and boozy by the night.
The girl who loves best of both the world. She is outspoken but not a rebel. She has no agenda. She doesn’t want to look different which makes her look different.

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